A+++ Lawyer. Highly recomended! I have seen 3 different lawyers before Mr. Ballout, and they all told me I can't win my case. Just as seem as all hope has ran out, Mr. Ballout worked miracles for me! He had helped me go through a very complicated immigration case. Thanks to Mr. Ballout & his professional staff, I got my Green Card back & able to stay with my wife & daughter.
August 11, 2009
I highly recommend Mr Ballout for any immigration matter. He is not only the best attorney, he is an exceptional human being. He came all the way to Lake Tahoe for a meeting, after that I felt so much calm and confident about my situation. Mr Ballout and his staff provided me the best service ever, he brought calm when I was getting anxious about my case, everything went smoothly, I got my permanent green card in less time than expected. Thank you so much for your excellent service, kindness and patience.
November 12, 2015
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My husband was already in Deportation proceedings when we hired Mr Ballout. He helped us with a hardship waiver, terminating court proceedings and obtaining permanent resident status. All the while he showed compassion and respect. One more thing, we live I Florida and he had no problem flying out here to help us out.
Posted by E.S
August 30, 2014
Part hero, part magician, part attorney. Seriously. What on Earth can I say except THANK YOU for getting my paperwork in for work and travel authorization. What other attorney's said they couldn't or wouldn't do, you did. You took what I was told as "complex" and made it into a therapy session easing my fears of deportation. Haitham, I am sincerely grateful for keeping me and my husband together!
Posted by Raghda
March 21, 2017
Facing deportation?
Deportation of immigrants and other individuals may result as a consequence for entering the United States illegally. You can also be deported if you are not a citizen and have committed a serious crime.

Immigration issues and deportation occurs when the federal government formally removes an alien from the United States for violating immigration laws. Once deported, an alien may lose the right to ever return to the United States, even as a visitor. Livelihoods and families may be impacted, and in some cases, a deported alien may end up living in a "homeland" that he or she has little familiarity with.

Deportation is a legal proceeding, and anyone who is subject to the procedure has a legal right to challenge it prior to being removed from the country. A legal challenge involves appearances before a government body and the laws involved are complex and constantly changing. As a result, legal representation is essential for your best chance of avoiding deportation.
Immigration Holds and Deportation Holds Lawyers
We have over 20 years helping immigrants with deportation holds fight their case in immigration courts. If someone knows they have an immigration hold, they should seek the assistance of an immigration attorney familiar with these issues as soon as possible. Acting quickly in these cases often can make a huge difference.
Help with Immigration Court Cases
Being in immigration courts simply means that the U.S. Government is trying to deport or remove the individual from the U.S.A. At the law offices of Haitham Edward Ballout & Associates, we understand that a client in deportation or removal proceedings is entrusting us with a big responsibility - it is a matter of continuing to live and support your U.S. family, and maintain your job and social life as it exists or be removed to a land that many don't even remember or know well any more.

We take your representation very seriously. You need the most experienced deportation lawyers to be on your side in this decisive process. You deserve no less, and we welcome the chance to represent you, and to represent you well. Because mistakes or ineffective assistance by a lawyer can mean removal/deportation from the U.S.A., you deserve better than an unprepared or inexperienced lawyer. You have the right to change your ineffective lawyer.
When your Immigration Lawyer is Ineffective
At the law offices of Haitham Ballout we are often called to correct other attorneys' mistakes, or ineffectiveness. While most immigration attorneys are competent and take pride in their work, some do make mistakes and do not provide effective assistance. Regrettably, some of the mistakes can and do lead to severe and harsh immigration consequences such as final deportation orders against the non U.S. citizen client, or denial of applications.
Detained in California or Out of State?
When a person is detained it does not automatically mean they will be deported. However, it is important to contact us as soon as possible so that we may offer time-sensitive advice to ensure the greatest possible opportunity to remain in the United States. We provide the strongest defense for those detained in nationwide immigration detention facilities. The Department of Homeland Security may transfer a person to an out of state facility depending on facility capacity. Rest assured, even if your loved one is transferred out of state, we can still help them.

Our immediate goal is to obtain the detained person’s release from detention as soon as possible via bond payment so that he or she may be reunited with family. If applicable, we will also seek to ensure that deportation court proceedings occur in the location closest to the person’s home and family. If bond is unavailable or if bond is denied, we will take all steps necessary to ensure that the person is not subjected to “prolonged detention.”

Our office is experienced in representing detained clients in bond proceedings and prolonged detention hearings both inside and outside of California. Mr. Ballout has successfully reduced bond payment amounts on appeal, once reducing a $100,000 bond requirement to $25,000 by appealing to the Board of Immigration Appeals, so that his detained client could post a more affordable bond and obtain release.

Let us study your Eloy deportation case, and tell you or your family if you qualify for relief. You will get a straight answer from us. Actual deportation has devastating consequences on the alien and his/her family. You should entrust this important defense to the best and most qualified attorney. Mr. Ballout is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, and is authorized to appear in all immigration courts in all states. Mr. Ballout understands the social and economic devastation caused by the actual deportation of an individual. We also work with criminal law attorneys to attempt to vacate certain State court convictions, which may have lead to the arrest of the alien in the first place.

Let us study your detention case and determine your eligibility for relief right away.
For other immigration needs, visit our Immigration Law site at Balloutlaw.com.
We are multilingual
Communication is one of, if not the most, important factor when it comes to legal services. With the legal landscape being confusing and constantly changing, it is important that our clients understand each step of the legal process. With many clients having English as a second language it can be even more difficult to grasp what is happening. At our office, we are likely to speak your language (Spanish, Arabic, French, & Italian).
Haitham Edward Ballout
Counselor at Law
Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping many clients meet their legal challenges: whether it be resolving their immigration status, helping individuals obtain their Permanent Legal Residency (Green Card), preventing unlawful Deportation proceedings, appealing successfully before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, obtaining compensation for injuries from accidents or medical malpractice, or other general civil law needs. As our law firm has grown over the years, we are proud to see that we have helped thousand of clients who continue to use our services.

As a lawyer, a husband, and a father Mr. Haitham Edward Ballout understands what it means when loved ones need help. Our philosophy is to treat each client as a close friend, and to work hard with integrity and commitment to help them resolve their legal problems.

Known for his generosity, his kindness, his expertise as a lawyer and overall great attitude, Haitham has been servicing the San Francisco Bay Area legal services for over 20 years.
We are multilingual
Communication is one of, if not the most, important factor when it comes to legal services. With the legal landscape being confusing and constantly changing, it is important that our clients understand each step of the legal process. With many clients having English as a second language it can be even more difficult to grasp what is happening. At our office, we are likely to speak your language (Spanish, Arabic, French, & Italian).

Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, CA. Juris Doctor, 1989

Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. Comparative Law

University of Siena, Siena, Italy


Member of California State Bar-1990

American Immigration Lawyers Association

San Mateo Trial Lawyers Association

Plaintiffs' Committee, Swiss Air Crash (Sept. 2, 1998)

Admitted to the United States Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit

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410 North San Mateo Drive, California 94401
(650) 373-1122
San Mateo
410 North San Mateo Drive, California 94401
(650) 373-1122
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For immigration needs, visit our Immigration Law site at BalloutLaw.com.

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